Racer training

We help you win

Practice on a simulator allows you to learn the racetrack, ideal line, brake and orientation points before you visit the real thing.

Our instructors will help you with the driving technique, help you remove possible bad habits and give you hints for each given racetrack.

We can model your car into our software so that it corresponds to reality and the practice on the simulator really has it's purpose.


For the practice of race drivers we use an array of technologies also used in professional motorsport teams.

The basis is the simulator software, which offers us realistically modeled racetracks using high precision laser scanning. You will not be able to tell the difference between real and virtual racetrack.

And finally we use telemetry to gather a lot of data about the whole session, which we then transform into graphs easily understandable for drivers. Thanks to this the driver gets feedback and learns where are the spots where to get faster or where is it better to go slower and how to get consistent results.


Jaroslav Mikolas

The best reference are results. That is what Jarda Mikoláš learned in the course of several seasons with us. As a racer, he participates in the international AlpenPokal with his serial production Porsche GT3.

We remember his first practices, when his driving style was very wild, the car suffered and the results on the racetrack did not come.

Thanks to our long lasting cooperation, Jarda has become a real race driver, who regularly finishes on podium places and his office is decorated with many trophies. His driving skill has gone up and his driving style is the clean line.

This season he finished on a nice 3rd place overall. The final race of the season was held for the first time on the Italian Imola racetrack. Jarda was on this racetrack for the first time, but thanks to simulator practice nothing could surprise him. As the only one in the race field he used road tires instead of slicks and still managed to drive the fastest time in qualifying and secure his 3rd place in the championship.


David Vršecký

twice the European Truck Racing champion, Buggyra team driver and simulator lover.

It was a big challenge for us to create the model of the Buggyra BigBoy race truck. Just the parameters of the truck are formidable. The truck has 1200BHP and 6000 Nm torque, rear wheel drive, locked differential and 4 tires on the rear axle.

Thanks to David's great cooperation in technical consulting and in testing, we managed to create a really realistic experience. David clocks very similar times on the simulator to those in real life. Chris Levett (racing a Buggyra at that time) got off the simulator with a smile, saying “I was 0.5s faster than in real life, its fantastic.”

Second places on Redbull RingJaroslav Mikoláš and his Porsche 911 GT3After training on simulator I'm ready to raceBuggyra BigBoy