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As worlds situation, we’ve focused on building simulator with excellent key components for serious driver training, at affordable price. Open for future upgrades, like motion system or any future upgrades.

We offer two version, Performance and Rookie. If you plan taking sim racing seriously and also as physical exercise, we recommend Performance version. David Vrsecky or Tomas Enge are using it are really happy. Rookie version is more budget friendly, reliable and upgradable simulator.

General specification (all versions):

  • Fully adjustable: seat position, pedal position, wheel height - driver height 120cm to 205cm
  • Superwide 2K 49” screen (144Mhz), 90 degree view angle
  • Racing seat
  • High performance PC
  • Sound Speakers and headphones with microphone (must have in some cases)
  • Simulator is ready to race. Everything installed, configured, plug'n'play


Performance version

  • Steering wheel: up to 10 Nm of torque, changeable rim with quick release
  • Pedals with load cells: can take up to 100Kg, adjustable stiffness
  • Shifting: paddles, H-shifter with sequential mode


Price: Contact us

Rookie version

  • Steering wheel: 5 Nm of torque, changeable rim
  • Pedals: load cell, decent max force, adjustable stiffness
  • Shifter: H-shifter, paddles


Price: Contact us

Options / upgrades:


  • Motion system - moves simulator to completely new level of immersion
  • Own seat - Sim have standart side mounted adapters, can be delivered without seat.
  • Handbrake - for rally driving, rallycross, drifting
  • Steering rims upgrade (formula style, oval, carbon fiber rim)
  • from 500 EUR

Created: 1. 4. 2020
Last update: 1. 4. 2020 06:09
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