Simulator Rental

Simulator rental

We rent full motion simulators Force Dynamics 301 and Racebox simulators for various company events, trade fairs, presentation events, company parties…

Should you be looking for an extraordinary attraction for your company event, you have come to the right address.


Racer Training

Racer Training

Simulator training for racers is best suited for circuit racing. Especially if you are going to drive at the given track for the first time.

We prepare the track and eventually even your car into the virtual world, so that the parameters correspond to driving in real life.

So you can learn shifting, find your brake points, optimum approach speeds and critical places before you even visit the real circuit.


Motorsport Events

Motorsport event

If you wish to experience a racetrack from behind the steering wheel of a race car, you can! We can organize a company event or test driving for you on a racetrack.

Thanks to the combination of practice on simulators and lectures from our instructors, the fun becomes safe, but still keeps high levels of adrenaline, which none of the participants will forget.